Take a Leap

Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest

Made possible by the heart and wisdom of the Hugh Kaul Foundation.

The Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest is a 1-hour treetop challenge course with 20 unique rope and cable obstacles. The aerial elements include swaying bridges, tight ropes, a zip line and much more.

Adventure Seekers explore the self-guided course, choosing their challenge—everything from climbing walls to swinging on ropes to balancing on bridges. Obstacles range from easy, moderate to extremely challenging for adventures at all levels.

Vulcan Materials Zip Trip: $54, Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest: $45,
Kaul Adventure Tower: $29, Mega Zip: $29, Schaeffer Seg Tour: $40

Reserve online or call 205.913.7899 to book!

*Please take a moment to read our Cancellation Policy and FAQ’s page.




for individuals

Groups of 10 or more can receive a 20% discount. Please call 205.202.6043 for more information.

Universal accessibility: The Vulcan Materials Zip Trip can, oftentimes but not always, accommodate guests who use wheelchairs or crutches, but does require a two week notice so that Adventure staff may full prepare for a safe, fulfilling tour for each guest.


Participants must be at least six years old, 42″ (3′ 6″) tall and weigh no more than 275 pounds. Participants shorter than 4’2” will need a taller assistant for help completing the course.  The harness must fit correctly: sometimes guests are too small for the harness even though they fulfill height and weight requirements.


  • Keep your fashion to a minimum:
    • Wear outdoor, closed-toe shoes
    • Wear comfortable but not loose clothing
    • Leave the scarves, dangling jewelry and skirts at home
  • Parking is directly across the street from the entrance to the; veer to the right onto Lyon Lane and immediately turn right into the parking area.
  • Take deep breaths and give a lot of high fives

Special Thanks

The construction of our Beanstalk was made possible through the generosity of the Hugh Kaul Foundation, a private foundation established in 1989 that supports arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, and public/society benefit. Construction was done by Beanstalk Builders, LLC.

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Meet Us at the Can

Gear up for your Adventure at “The Can”—the starting point for all our Adventures, located a quarter-mile into the Park along the Eureka Trail. Our guides will be waiting to greet you and help you get ready.

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