Park News

Eagle’s Nest Camping Now Open!

Thanks to the Friends of Red Mountain Park and local boy scouts, our primitive camp site is now open for reservations–simply call our office to book or for more information; 205.403.5962 and ask for Claire Heard, Director of Programs.

The Eagle’s Nest is for youth group and scouting organizations* and provides an opportunity for groups to volunteer in the Park, then enjoy Adventures and complete their day by the campfire!  Our motto: Work Hard, Play Hard.

*The space accommodates 12 large tents, or 24 smaller, single tents.

Eagle's Next Group Camp Site

The Eagle’s Nest was made possible by these generous and totally awesome people:

  • Matt Genereux, Richard Seay and Tom Spencer(Friends of RMP)
  • Troop 97(Homewood)
  • Glenn Glover
  • John Glover
  • Beau Strong
  • Will Strong
  • Ben Blanton
  • Alex Wormely
  • John Hardin
  • Steve Wilhelm
  • Camp Wilhem
  • Ryan Wilhelm
  • Mr. Harris
  • Patrick Harris
  • Peter Spencer
  • James Spencer
  • David Weaver
  • Alex Weaver
  • Jim Garner
  • David Bales
  • Jodi Alessi
  • Steve Lloyd