Named Gift Opportunities

Your tax-deductible gift ($1,500 or more) will honor or memorialize someone special and leave a lasting legacy at your Red Mountain Park. Please email or call 205.403.5948 for more information on how to support Red Mountain Park.

    A named park trail bench


  • A beautiful recycled, industrial bench selected for its unique, distinctive design. Placed throughout the Park’s 1,500-acres along trails and in more highly-visible, heavily trafficked areas.

    A named bike repair station


  • A beautiful, locally-made bike repair station placed long the Park’s most popular trails to allow biking guests to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance while on the move!

    A named picnic table


  • A beautiful, recycled steel picnic table offers the perfect place for guests to rest and enjoy their lunch in the Park wooded setting. ADA Accessible tables also available.

    A named Pet Waste Station


  • An attractive pet waste station conveniently located at Remy’s Dog Park and throughout the Park to keep this destination clean and safe for all visitors.

    A named metal bench


  • A beautiful, recycled steel bench that will be located at Remy’s Dog Park and throughout Red Mountain Park’s 1,500-acres for visitors to rest, relax and enjoy the outdoor surroundings.