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Butler Snow
Sensory Trail
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Designed for those with developmental differences such as low vision and hearing, the Butler Snow Sensory Trail allows both children and adults to explore their curiosity for our natural world.

This trail is .14 miles long and located near the entrance of the Park along the BMRR South Trail. The Butler Snow Sensory Trail includes 14 activities, a comfort zone, a pergola with swinging benches.


The generous funding that mas made the Sensory Trail possible comes from the Butler Snow Foundation.

Butler | Snow


We also thank the many volunteers who offered their time and talent on the trail.

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind
Alabama Pediatric Therapy Services
Autism Society of Alabama
Exceptional Foundation
Lakeshore Foundation
Mitchell’s Place
Red Barn
Red Mountain Park Junior Board
Samford University
Triumph Services
UAB Occupational Therapy
United Ability
Boy Scouts of America and the Eagle Scouts: Jonah Allen, Pierce Bolding, Mack Wooley, Harrison Lowrey, Beck Corely, Harrison Sims, Nicholas Muscolino, Michael Lorino and Kyler Krause