You will notice something pretty cool and exciting on your Red Mountain Expressway commute: a gigantic pair of glasses.  Yep.  Big glasses that are known as “The Schaeffer Spectacles”…why are we SO excited about this billboard?  Because the actual Schaeffer Spectacles are sitting right here at Red Mountain Park.  And because they are our first-ever piece of art.  And because they are really, really spectacular.

Here is the billboard along Red Mountain Expressway:


And here is how you see the Schaeffer Specs live and in person:

1. Visit 2011 Frankfurt Drive(that’s the address to our Entrance!)

2. Hike just right inside the Park to the Main Kiosk

3. Turn RIGHT and look UP to the right….and you will then #SEEitatRMP

Cool giveaways are underway for those who visit the Schaeffer Specs and use hashtag #SEEitatRMP and those include a little bit of RMP(think Mega ZIPS at the Kaul Adventure Tower!) and a little bit of Schaeffer Eye Center(think sunglasses perfect to kick off your summer!).

We are grateful to Schaeffer Eye Center for supporting your Red Mountain Park and for bringing about one of the coolest partnerships around.  Special thanks also to Heather Holmes and Forrest Millsap, the amazing artists who made it all possible.