Birmingham-based company, Eagle Solar & Light has installed and contributed a brand new solar lighting system for Red Mountain Park.  The donation has made possible the illumination of the Park’s 80-foot tall Kaul Adventure Tower.  Now Park guests can zip line, rappel and climb at night during special after-hours events.  The lighting system is made up of ActiveLED Solar Lights and Solar Lighting Controls, PV solar panels and batteries.  During the day, the solar panels charge the batteries that store energy to power ActiveLED solar lights once the sun goes down. ActiveLED’s ActiveREST dimming technology dims the lights when no one is on the Kaul Adventure Tower and raises lighting back to full power when guests approach.  And should Park staff forget to turn the lights off at the end of an exciting night-time Adventure? No problem—ActiveLED controls will automatically turn the lights off at dawn.

In 2015, Sam Yates, Founder and President of Eagle Solar & Light, discussed with Red Mountain Park the exciting benefits of renewable energy at RMP, and generated a feasibility study on lighting the Kaul Adventure Tower so that revenue generation could be enhanced for zip tours after dark.  Yates was excited to make the plan a reality, saying “Eagle Solar & Light is proud to have an opportunity to donate such an advanced renewable system for such a unique, incredible venue, home only to Birmingham, Alabama!”

As a factory certified dealer for ActiveLED in Austin, TX, Eagle Solar & Light was able to provide lighting for each level of the tower, plus 3 outside flood lights, and an additional light in the area where guests are prepped for their Adventure.  The advanced programmable control system provides over 24 hours of continuous energy.

“Red Mountain Park is a project that depends on great partnerships. I am proud to be associated with Eagle Solar & Light. Their creativity has enhanced our Adventure Area and made the attractions at the Park even more exciting.  This donation will save the Park thousands of dollars in construction and energy costs and it will enhance our ability to generate revenue. We are seriously considering using solar energy throughout the Park,” said Red Mountain Park Executive Director, David Dionne.

The Kaul Adventure Tower is an 80-foot tall tower—guests can climb, repel or zip line for 1,000 feet off the top of the Tower with Park tour guides who make the experience an unforgettable one.  Night-time reservations are available on Friday and Saturday evenings starting this month.  To see available times and to book online, visit or call: 205.913.7899.

About Eagle Solar & Light: Eagle Solar & Light offers solar power systems and LED lighting for residential, commercial, nonprofit and government buildings. From design and installation to ongoing system maintenance and support, they maintain the highest quality standards in performance and reliability. They are certified dealers for one of the nation’s largest solar industry suppliers and also have access to architecturally advanced solar panels to fit any aesthetic need. For more information, visit