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Natural Resources
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Red Mountain Park is dedicated to restoring and preserving our natural resources.

Land restoration is an essential goal of the Park. After decades of mining, clear cutting, and trash dumping on Park property, this land has been deeply disturbed. Disturbed land is prone to invasive plants, and hundreds of acres of the Park are covered in invasive plants such as chinese privet, kudzu, and mimosa trees.

The Park’s goal is to remove all invasive plants and trash, and plant native plants in their place. Native plants have co-evolved with Alabama’s wildlife, and many native wildlife species are dependent on certain kinds of native plants.  Planting natives encourages wildlife to return to the mountain and thrive.

Red Mountain Park already hosts an amazing variety of wildlife. The Park has 98 bird species (and counting), bobcats, deer and many other animals native to Alabama forests. As we track and record the populations here, we hope ongoing restoration efforts will increase the diversity and size of our wildlife populations.