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Susan Mott Webb
Team Building
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This Activity is Currently Closed.

Team Building combines the elements of successful group dynamics and outdoor adventure into an exciting custom-designed program for groups of any size.

We will assess the goals and objectives you’d like to achieve, which she will use to create the perfect plan for your team building session. Then, our Adventure Team will lead you on a journey through the historic backdrop of Red Mountain Park and incorporate activities and challenges that focus on the specific needs of your group.

Our packages are completely custom-created and focus on meeting the needs of your team. Each Team Building course (see below) can be adapted for virtually any goal(s) to be met.

Call 205-202-6043 with your interested dates and number of participants.

Made possible by the generosity of the Susan Mott Webb Charitable Trust.

Team Building Adventures

Team Building is available 7 days a week; pre-planning typically requires at least one week, depending on availability. Contact Erika Wiedemann with your interested dates and number of participants.

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With four low ropes elements, your team must work together to accomplish each task.

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Four towers interconnected by cables present a unique opportunity to custom build programs that will engage teams on many different levels.

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“THE HUNT”- The objective of this challenge is to work together as a team and use effective strategic thinking, leadership, communication and time management to collect as many clue boxes as possible before the clock runs out or another team beats you to the finish line!

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Hosted by

Clarus Consulting Group

Sometimes after the ‘lessons,’ some homework can keep the team forging ahead: that’s where our friends at Clarus Consulting Group come in. Visit Clarus Consulting Group to learn more.

Build a Team on the Mountain

Red Mountain Park Team Building is not your typical group experience. With Red Mountain Park, your group will be challenged in an outdoor setting with activities that provide a lasting experience and valuable take-away lessons. The adventure elements at Red Mountain Park provide a unique venue for groups to work together and become closer, more efficient teams.

The Red Mountain Park Team Building Adventures can be personalized to fit any group or team’s goals, schedule and budget. Whether you’re looking for a performance improvement in your business/sports team or you just want to participate in a one-of-a-kind Team Building Adventure with a group of friends, this is for you.

Contact Erika Wiedemann to discuss and design your Team Building Adventure.


“Everyone had a fantastic time and has agreed that this has been the best corporate outing by far within the company. You guys knocked it out of the park and set the bar.”
Kristi W. Taylor, Capital One Multifamily Finance

“Our Red Mountain Park sessions have been an unforgettable team building experience. The park’s challenging outdoor activities promote team cohesion, our Team Members walked away feeling motivated and park staff handled the details of our experience from start to finish. You have a truly unique venue.”

Nicole Schrader, Redmont Hotel, Birmingham

“I would recommend Red Mountain Park to new or old teams, and even groups of people looking to become closer. This was an incredible experience and we are truly grateful to their amazing team.”

Jason Hoff, Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc.

“We have been able to demonstrate that we can think creatively about solving our problems and not just critically as engineers naturally do. We definitely improved as the program progressed. We began to believe in ourselves and each other that we could depend on our team for success. I was satisfied with the quality of the Team Forging experience. It was customized to reach out to all members of our team.”

Jacquelyn O. Blakley, Southern Company Generation Projects and Construction, GPC & APC