As the Groups and Events Manager here at Red Mountain Park, I am often asked about the benefits of our Team Building program for corporate clients. We work with groups ranging from 9-to-5 office workers to high school sports teams and everything in between. While they each may have different goals they will all see benefits in 3 main areas: Leadership, Communication, and Company Culture.


In the office, there is a set hierarchy and defined roles. Once you bring people outside of that environment, you break up the routine. Often this creates an environment where people feel free to display leadership skills they may feel unable to express in the office. Recognizing those traits and encouraging them can lead to improved leadership within your team.


Research shows that businesses with effective communication are 50% more likely to have lower employee turnover. Great communication is one of the essentials of a successful group dynamic. Team Building improves communication within a group by focusing on proper listening techniques as well as honing the skills necessary to make yourself heard in a respectful way. Participants are coached on the best way to overcome the Team Building obstacles through better communication.

Company Culture

One of the most important factors necessary for a successful business is a positive company culture that promotes trust and welcomes new ideas. Team Building is a great object lesson in trust. If you can rely on your co-workers to get you over the 12 ft. challenge wall, you can trust them to help you get your project done on time. It is the perfect visual representation of the relationship that needs to be fostered within your team. Groups leave the experience with a renewed sense of unity and deeper bonds that are created through a shared outdoor adventure.

Team Building Options

At Red Mountain Park we have several Team Building options. The Susan Mott Webb Team Building Course has a low ropes option that is the foundation of our program. It provides groups with a 2 hour Team Building experience that can be tailored to the goals of your specific group.

The Susan Mott Webb course also has a high ropes option called the Aerial Teams Course for those groups who want to take their team building to the next level. On this course groups must raise their participants up to the first challenge tower then complete an obstacle on each of the four towers before exiting the course.

For those groups that have a more competitive edge, we have a Scavenger Hunt that challenges your group to find all 5 clue boxes within an hour to beat the clock. Want even more competition? Groups can split up and race each other with different hunts for each group.

Adventure Options

What about those teams that already have amazing group dynamics and don’t need to work on Team Building but still would like to get out of the office and have a bonding experience together? We have adventure options that include zip lining, climbing, and a 20-obstacle “Ninja Warrior” style high ropes course.


If you would like more information about the Team Building options available at Red Mountain Park, I would love to talk with you. You can reach me by my direct line at 205-403-5953 or via email at You can also check out our website for more information at

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon at Red Mountain Park!