Why should I become a member of Red Mountain Park?

Red Mountain Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (not a state park!). Since opening to the public in 2012, donors like YOU have transformed this historic iron-ore mining site into a vibrant 1,500-acre park! We are donor-supported. Your membership sustains park operations, allowing frequent and first-time park guests to continue to explore and enjoy the park!


How do Gift Memberships work?

Gift Memberships are a great way to celebrate your friend or family member with a gift that gives BIG – both to Red Mountain Park and through member benefits! The best way to sign up is to visit our Membership page, click the button “Gift Membership.” There, you can input your info and your recipient’s


When are member events?

Due to current social distancing regulations, we have no park member events scheduled. However, all 15 miles of our trail system are open for your enjoyment! Once member events start again, you can visit our Events page for event dates and details. Event information will also be included in the monthly e-newsletter.