Why Support Red Mountain Park?

Since opening to the public in 2012, supporters like you have transformed this historic iron-ore mining site into a vibrant 1,500-acre park. Your financial support sustains park operations and creates new opportunities for the community to enjoy the park. Red Mountain Park is a public-private partnership that receives public support, but ultimately depends on donors and members to maintain the park as an accessible and beautiful place for all. Your support makes possible:

  • Restoration of our 1,500-acre forest
  • Improvements of the 15-mile trail system
  • Preservation of Birmingham’s historic iron-ore mining sites
  • Upkeep of 6-acre Remy’s Dog Park
  • Increased accessibility for disabled individuals
  • Interactive learning programs for all ages

How can you support? 

We take donations in the form of cash, checks, online giving, etc. If interested in donating through stock, donor-advised funds, or other methods please contact Leah Davis at ldavis@redmountainpark.org.

Please mail all checks to:

Red Mountain Park Foundation

283 Lyon Lane

Birmingham, AL 35211 

Memo: General Donation 

Membership Levels


$75 Annually or $7 Monthly

RMP Decal


$140 Annually or $12 Monthly

2 RMP Decals


$240 Annually or $20 Monthly

2 RMP Decals and 1 RMP T-shirt or Hat

Monthly Events

We’re working together!

Red Mountain Park, Turkey Creek, and Ruffner Mountain are partnering to provide joint program offerings and volunteer opportunities for members and visitors. We hope this partnership highlights the unique nature of each greenspace and deepens the connection between the communities we serve.

Red Mountain Park members and Ruffner Mountain/Turkey Creek members are invited to member events and programming at all three greenspaces.

Click here for upcoming programs and volunteer opportunities at Red Mountain Park, Turkey Creek, and Ruffner Mountain

Upcoming Events at Red Mountain Park:

Thursday, February 1st, 5:30 – 7 p.m. – Member S’mores Social

Friday, April 12th, 12 – 1 p.m. – Nature @ Noon with Alabama Audubon

For questions about member events, please contact Lauren Spalding at lspalding@redmountainpark.org.

Corporate Support

Corporate Support: 

Our corporate sponsors have given tremendous support to dedicate memorable spaces throughout the park such as:

EBSCO Overlooks
Butler Snow Sensory Trail
Protective Life Picnic Area

Corporate sponsorship is vital to park development, engagement, and operational support. If you are interested in sponsoring the park through our annual Evergreen Campaign or a corporate membership match, contact Leah Davis at ldavis@redmountainpark.org.

Member List

James Acker
Edmund Agee
Carlos Aleman
Brenden Alexander
Linda and Jim Allen
Louis Aller
Jean and Peter Allsopp
Garnet Arroyo
Tonita and Chuck Arthur
Randy Aust
Lacey Bacchus
Paula Garman and Thom Bailey
Shannon and Pat Bailey
Jason and Patricia Baker
Josh Baker
Charles Ball
Nancy Barr
Frank Barry
Kathryn and William Bates
John Baxter
Jean and Trey Beasley
Paul Beasley
Michelle Belcher
Peter Bellis
Pam Belrose
Jay Bennett
Kelli Bennett
Jonathan Benoit
Cason Benton
Kat Bergeron
Michael Bertram
Angelean Bibb
Bryan Billions
Michelle and Ken Blackwood
Andy and Brendt Blanks
Sam Bonner
Kelly and Ryan Boyer
Owen Bradley
Joe Brady
Mary Knox Bricken
Angelique and Tim Brown
Jacqueline Brown
Brita Brudvig
Camille and David Bryson
Sue Buckingham
Marion F. Buckley
Kay Burns
Rachel Callahan
Mary Campbell
Mary and Michael Campbell
Meghan Carmichael
Susan Baum and Mike Carson
Mary Ellen and Bill Caughran
Joyce and Jim Cauthen
Ellen Chandler
Terry Chandler
Allison Chang
Melinda and Tyler Chapman
Paul Chin-Lai
Ashley Clarke
Beth and Scott Cole
Q L Cole
Sherry and James Collawn
James Collins
Chris Colpack
Lisa Columbia
Paula Comunelli
Robert Cooper
David Cornelison
Elizabeth Cornelius
Deborah Corum
Brent Cotton
Dave Cowart
Katelyn Crawford
Jennifer Croker
Monika Croom
Madeline Crowson
Carl Cummins
Leah Davis
Samantha Davis
Jason Dearing
Kit Deason
Jill Deaver
Sharon Deep Nelson
David DePriest
Helen and Devin Dolive
Matt Downs
Nate Dreger
Cindy Duke
Tom Duley
Gary Dunavant
Lauren Dunston
Tammy Earnest
William Ennis
Mark Ezell
Scott Fallon
The Riser Family
Barbara G Fant
Nancy Ferrell
Jake Files
Karen Fitzpatrick
Laura and John Fiveash
Susan and Cliff Fleming
Maye Head and Bernard Frei
Robert L. Frost

Bob Garner
Carolyn and Dan Garrity
George Gaskin
Melanie Geer
Cari Gelderman
Jan Gessert
Kate Giffin
Becky and Dan Gillis
Paul Goepfert
Hardwick Gregg
Satya Gullapalli
Doug and Tracy Hale
Anna Hamel
Gina & Amy Hamel
Ellen Hamilton
Daniel Hampton
Kate Harris
Kent Hartzog
Doris Hatch
Jennifer Hatchett
Clare Hays
Alison and Erik Henninger
Brandon S. Hill
Jimmy Hill
Matthew Hinshaw
Will Hobbs
Alleen Cater and Lyle Hohnke
William Holman
Melissa and Chris Horwedel
Olivia and James Howard
Mary D. Hubbard
Karla Hudson
Joseph Huffstutler
Stephanie and Steve Hunt
Heather Hunter
La Hunter
Dwight Ingle
Debi and Greg Jackson
Drew Jackson
Alex Jacobson
Ronald Johnsey
Matt Johnson
Peyton Jones
David Kachelhofer
Danna and Brian King
Laura and John R. Kirkpatrick
Marc Krawitz
Sheri and Jimmy Krell
Rob Kunzig
Brittany Kyles
Sarah Labriola
Mindy and Bill Lalor
Randall Law
Laura Ledbetter
Gordon Lehman
Sandy Levine
Jean and Curtis Liles
Nancy and Nimrod Long
Jonathan Lorenz
Garrett Lowry
Cassidy Lucas
Kelly Lyons
Lori Lyons
Steve MacCorkle
Lisa Maclean
Nicole and Stanford Massie
Mitchell Mataya
Keith McAbee
Mieke and Chris McBride
J Ross McCain
Robert Mcdowell
Joseph Mckinney
William McKnight
Trey McMeans
Molly Merkle
William Miller
William Miller
Suzanne and Kirk Mills
Carleen Mitchell
Carolynn Moore
Leslie Cowin and John Moore
Cheryl Morgan
Jeff Morrison
Jorge Munoz Moya
Providence and Charles Murphrey
Chelsea and Jeff Musser
Carolyn and George Neal
Collin Newberry
James Newman
David Oldham
ShiCoriya Orr
Stan Palla
Joe Parham
Mayre Parr
Crystal and Gary Pate
Bradley Patterson
Jay Patton
Hans Paul
Laura and Adam Peck
Jeremy Pegouske
Jennifer Pilgreen
Meredith Plains
Rodney Pollard
Steve Ponte
William Price

Joanne Shaughnessy and Joe Rada
Frances Lund and Troy Randall
Jennifer Rawlings
Jack Rawls
David Redden
Joel Reid
Alan Renfroe
Susan and Robert Rich
Marlene Hunt Rikard
Rosemary Riley
MC Robertson Lawson
Ashley Robinson
Patrick Robinson
Beth Rocker
Monica A. Romano
Ted Romano
Adam Ross
Cara and Glenn Ross
Christy Ross
Elizabeth Rozzelle
Margaret and Francis Rushton
Leigh Millican and Tom Ryan
Austin Sanak
Kristen Sandefer
Susan Schein
Catherine Colburn and Al Schlosser
Mary Jo & Jim Schmalz
Trenton Schoeb
Chip Schwartz
Melinda and Michael Sellers
Gretchen and Jim Sexton
John Shacka
David Shepherd
Katherine and Jim Shepherd
Jodi Shipley
Erin Shufflebarger
Robert Sims
Sarah Grace Skillern
Jacob Smith
Margaret and Cybill Smith
Sarah and Tyler Smoot
Erin and Adam Snyder
Mary Ann and Tom Somers
Lauri and Weily Soong
Jeff Spalding
Lauren Spalding
Earl Sparks
Alan Speaker
Leigh and Cliff Spencer
Camille Spratling
Lacey and Dylan Stafford
Regina Arnold-Stanton and Clyde Stanton
Charles Stein
Larry Stephens
Amy Stone
Zach Stone
Andrew Sullivan
Elaine Witt and Michael Sznajderman
Kate Tankersley
Melody and Scott Teel
Jerry Terry
Ali Thomas
Chad Thomas
Tracy and Dean Thornton
Patti and Hal Tichenor
Christine and Roger Tomberlin
Kristin Trowbridge
Elizabeth Turnipseed
Meredith Shah and Roy M Underwood III
Tom and Jane Underwood
Greta Valenti
Libba and Brooks Vaughan
Sandy and Greg Vitalis
Theresa and Thomas Wallace
Wendy and Paul Walters
Emily Wasson
Brian Watkins
Britney Watkins
Katrina Watson
Lori and Jim Weil
Frank Welch
Holly and Prince Whatley
Andrea and Goodloe H. White
Dorothy White
Allison Whitfield-Smith
Susannah and Daniel Whitsett
Austin Whitten
Jason Wicker
Jennifer Cloe and Ben Wieseman
Laura and Scott Williams
Derek Williamson
Kerry Wingo
Jill and Jeff Winick
Andrea and Peter Winslett
Paul Wolf
Margot Woolverton
Bobbie Wright
Linda Wurstner
Martha Wynn
Greg Yaghmai
Stephen Yardley
Janet Yother
Michael Zucco